Fistfight In Orlando Airport, Man Punches Deaf Pregnant Women in Stomach

Published May 22nd, 2018 - 01:40 GMT
Fight erupts after man punches deaf couple dog and pregnant woman (Twitter)
Fight erupts after man punches deaf couple dog and pregnant woman (Twitter)

A video has emerged of a fistfight inside an Orlando Airport terminal after a deaf, engaged couple claimed a fellow passenger punched the deaf pregnant fiancee in the stomach, and punched their service dog in the head.

In the shocking video, the pregnant woman's partner, Matthew Silvay, is first seen arguing and angrily signing at Timothy Manley while they are still on the plane after Manley allegedly punched their Great Dane service dog named Zariel.

Manley also allegedly punched Silvay's fiancee, Hazel Ramirez, who is 20 weeks pregnant, in the stomach.

In the video, an irate Silvay, 30, is seen confronting Manley who is still in his seat on the plane after Manley allegedly punched the dog in the head.

Silvay also kicks Manley, 59, while he is seated.

However, the altercation quickly escalates further inside the Orlando airport terminal after everyone deplanes.

Ramirez says once they were inside the terminal, Manley punched her in the stomach, which further infuriated her husband-to-be, and that is when the men got into a full blown brawl.

The two men are seen on video getting into a fistfight, with the couple's children screaming and crying.

Bystanders try their best to separate Silvay from Ramirez.



The Frontier Airlines Flight 1752 from Colorado to Orlando was smooth until the plane landed and the large dog stood up to stretch.

'My wife was right next to me and has allergies to dogs, and I had to push it away,' Manley told ABC News, denying that he punched the dog.

According to a report by the Orlando Police Department, Manley 'punched it (the dog) with a closed fist,' causing Zariel to yelp and take cover. Manley describes it as more of a swat.

Additionally, Ramirez, 21, told police that she 'was punched in the stomach by Timothy' and that her two small children 'were touched by Timothy,' during the altercation according to the report.

Ramirez, along with her partner, and their children, were flying to Orlando for her gender reveal party.

The 21-year-old told News 6 her Great Dane Zariel had slept through the majority of the flight from Colarado Springs, before waking up when the flight landed and stretching.

Earlier, Manley's wife, Petrini, had complained of allergies, and the canine's stretch was allegedly the final straw for the 59-year-old.

Ramirez, who is expecting her third child in just a few months, and her partner, who is also deaf, tried to tell the man off as best they could as the plane made its way to the gate.

Law enforcement officials were called to the gate, but before they arrived, a police report says Manley punched Ramirez in her stomach before Silvay tackled the man.

Ramirez also said Manely pushed her two young daughters over in his bid to escape.

'They fell and cried so hard,' she said.

Manley later told police Zariel 'took up more space than [he] felt it deserved', The Orlando Sentinel reported.

Everyone involved declined medical treatment at the airport, but Ramirez says she wants to press charges.

The FBI is now investigating what, if any, charges can be laid. The soon-to-be mother-of-three says she will testify in court if needed.


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