American in Arabia does not play the Free Speech card

Published September 15th, 2012 - 09:44 GMT
Just because it is free speech in America does not mean it is welcomed by others outside the States.
Just because it is free speech in America does not mean it is welcomed by others outside the States.

An Arab writes a film casting Islam’s most revered prophet as a pedophile and a bloodthirsty buffoon.  Oh gee, why do you think he did that? To open up the streams of dialogue is not a possible answer. ‘Film-maker' Nakoula Basseley Nakoula wanted to get Muslims in a frenzy and it worked. Mission accomplished deadbeat.

To achieve this disaster,  Basseley roped in some band of nincompoop American Christians with the cultural sensitivities of a dead goat to fund the anathema, exploited social media for distrubution and drug all of us expatriate Americans living in Muslim lands down with him. Well done you slithering ignoramus.

My first emotion is grief for the dead ambassador and scores of other Africans, Arabs and Americans wounded or dead because of this mess.  For the Americans, their lives were so important and nothing, and I mean nothing, justifies their passing. Their families and country will carry the piercing pain of their inexcusable murders forever.

The deaths of protesters in Yemen and Tunisia are also saddening. I don’t think any of these dissenters expected to lose their lives challenging the mockery of their faith.

While not at all important in light of these tragedies, my lifestyle has also changed because of the outcry from this fifthly film  and it has led me to some conclusions.

First, I really feel I understand what Muslims in America went through after 9/11. When it happened, everyone kept asking any state side Arab to speak out against the attack. I'm sure or hope that any American Muslim was thinking, "Why do you even have to ask me that question? Of course I am appalled by it! 

I remember American Muslims getting tired of having to denounce this terrorism. And I like many Americans didn’t understand at the time why they couldn't just answer the question.

Now I do. On my Facebook page, I’ve had several of the Islamic faithful ask me if I stand by this film.  I, like American Muslims, can’t believe I was even asked the question—seeing if one supports something so obviously wrong is a bit insulting.

This pathetic movie, written by some Egyptian criminal, is not worth my attention. It is trash. Do I support the film? Of course I don't! I don't even want to give it my time.

As far as free speech is concerned, I think that is not the issue here. Any Egyptian would know such a film is hate speech in a Muslim context- plain and simple. "Yea, but Muslims have to learn to deal with such criticism?” Do they? And who assigned any of us to teach them this lesson?

Casting the Islamic Prophet in the light he was cast by this ex-convict, on probation writer is like calling any Muslim’s mother a prostitute. Innocence of Muslims  is hate speech, plain and simple. That is the reality. 

That’s the reality  in which I live and work. Therefore, this is  the reality in which I must abide  My priority is the safety of my family and the honor of my community. If my neighbors  are offended by such a blatant attempt to denigrate their prophet, my commitment to them takes precedent over my belief in free speech.  Thus, I too take deep offense. 

So when someone insults my Muslim friends and their prophet in such a direct and hurtful way, it bothers me.  Have I watched the film? No. But I didn’t need to see the beheading of Daniel Pearl or the Piss Christ to know that they were hateful.

I'm choosing to ignore this film but I can't tell all my community to just ignore it. I'm not in thier shoes.   If I had the platform for giving advice, I would say this: Don't give these agitators what they want. They want Muslims to look bad and to be violent.

The Muslim and Christian prophet Jesus said "Don't give your pearls to pigs."  Let's not grant too much attention or passion to this slop of a film. When we do, I feel we are casting our pearls to the swinery.

I know remaining calm is easier said than done. After all, no one messes with mama.  But for those who’ve responded in violence and murder, shame on you.

You should've listened to the millions of Muslims around you and chosen the straight path of peace.   Let the authorities take out this trash.


By Brett Weer





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