Dr Dubai saves goat with a 15kg tumor

Published April 4th, 2013 - 11:26 GMT
Goat with 15kg tumor (Photo Gulf News/Dubai Municipality)
Goat with 15kg tumor (Photo Gulf News/Dubai Municipality)

Dubai Municipality veterinarians have given a new lease of life to a goat after they removed a 15-kilogram cancerous tumour from its udder.

“The female goat belonged to a resident who was concerned about his goat’s health, and brought it to the medical clinic three weeks ago,” said Hashim Al Awadi, head of veterinary services section at Dubai Municipality.

“The medical veterinarian team saw that the goat was in severe fatigue, and after necessary medical examinations, we detected the presence of a cancerous tumour in advanced stages,” he said.

Al Awadi said the cancer was caused as a result of the accumulation of intravenous sediments inside udder, which led it to swell and have a negative impact on the animal’s health. He pointed out that veterinarians decided not to put the goat down as they were confident that its life could be spared by performing the surgery.

“The surgery was the only alternative as the cancer had reached a critical stage and would not have been treated with a medical prescription. It took about two hours to get rid of the tumour and ensure the safety of the surrounding area from any symptoms of bacterial infections. The animal was placed under observation for continuous follow up after surgery until it is discharged from the clinic,” he said.

Al Awadi said the veterinary clinic undertakes treatments and surgeries for animals. In the first quarter of 2013 it has successfully completed 74 major operations and five rare operations, in addition to 160 small surgeries.

Part of the section’s responsibility is to monitor the health of imported animals and check if they are fit for consumption, as well as ensuring the health of cattle in abattoirs before they are slaughtered.

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