Off with her head: Tabloid claims UK extremists want to assassinate Queen Elizabeth

Published August 9th, 2015 - 08:05 GMT

British extremists, under orders from jihadist commanders in Syria, plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II next Saturday, according to the tabloid The Mail on Sunday.

The attack will take the form of a “deadly pressure cooker bomb” set to detonate near the queen as she attends events in central London to commemorate the 70th anniversary of V-J Day, the Allied victory over Japan in World War II. 

The report comes before the threat has been neutralized, the paper claims. British security forces were said to be “involved in a frantic race against time to thwart the assassination plot.”

The attack was being orchestrated by commanders in the Daesh (ISIS) terror group that controls large swaths of Syria and Iraq.

“While hundreds of IS converts have left UK for Syria and Iraq over the past two years, others have been urged to remain in the UK and launch attacks on home soil,” the paper reports.

“Although The Mail on Sunday understands that no arrests have been made, counter-terrorism officers are monitoring the plot’s development.”

Security has reportedly been bolstered around the queen and Prime Minister David Cameron ahead of the event.

This story has been edited from the source material.

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