Honesty is the best policy: Sharjah taxi driver honored for returning $462,000 to owner

Published September 23rd, 2016 - 11:43 GMT
Taxi drivers in Sharjah were rewarded with $84,000 in cash in appreciation for honest behavior.
Taxi drivers in Sharjah were rewarded with $84,000 in cash in appreciation for honest behavior.

A taxi driver has been honored for returning a suitcase containing more than a million dirhams as well as important documents to its owner.

Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority, (SRTA), has honoured the Pakistani taxi driver for his honesty and quick response. Abdulaziz Al Jarwan, Director of SRTA for Transport Affairs, on Thursday said the cabbie is working with Sharjah Taxi (one of the four franchise companies operating in the emirate) at the Sharjah International Airport.

"The driver, Naseeb Ullah Sher Dhola, Pakistani, honestly and safely returned a suitcase stuffed with Dh1.7million ($462,800)  along with important documents belonged to a Korean merchant."

Al-Jarwan said Dhola instantly alerted the RTA Transport office at the airport, which reported the issue to the Sharjah Police. Official records show that the Sharjah Taxi office at the Sharjah International Airport has reported 300 different items found and returned to their owners.

Al-Jarwan said all staff drivers go through intensive training courses on a regular basis to improve their performance and enhance their response in case of emergency and similar situation as is the case with found items. Residents can contact RTA Sharjah Call Center at 600 52 5252 round the clock to report lost items in a public bus or a taxi, he advised.

Honoring honest drivers with cash prize, valuable gifts and appreciation certificates encourages drivers' good conduct, curb traffic violations and complaints, and boost customer satisfaction, al-Jarwan said.

"Up to 265 taxi drivers were honoured last month, and presented with $84,000 in cash and as valuable gifts, in appreciation for their honesty and exceptional performance."

As per the Shukran (Thanks) program worth $27,000, staff drivers are rewarded financially for behaving well.

"They may also replace the black points imposed against traffic violations with white ones."

With so many reports received on lost items, RTA Sharjah has installed special sensors in its taxi fleet to remind passengers to collect their belongings before getting off. "These sensors, on trial, are to be fitted in all the 5,200 cabs running in the emirate."

By Ahmad Shaaban

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