How to avoid wardrobe faux pas at Ramadan: Foreigners advised to dress sensitively

Published July 7th, 2013 - 02:40 GMT
What not to wear at Ramadan (image by Ethan Miller / Getty used for illustrative purposes)
What not to wear at Ramadan (image by Ethan Miller / Getty used for illustrative purposes)

Islamic researcher Dr Shaikh Mohammed Ashmawy says offensive practices and skimpy outfits are not acceptable in public, particularly in shopping centres, malls, and places with crowded people.

“Normally, such acts are not tolerated for since they are a real threat to the stability of the society and violate the culture, tradition and religion of the country. Visitors and residents should respect the UAE rules and traditions.”

Indian Scholar Shaikh Mohammed Yusuf, Imam of a Masjid here, said people are free to wear what they want, yet without offending others in public.

Debbie Jaunich from the Shaikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding explains residents and visitors are asked to be mindful of their dress, in particular during Ramadan because Muslims will be fasting during daylight hours, and fasting is a form of worship.

“It is all really about recognising the holy month and its disciplines, which include avoiding wrongdoing and perfecting good behaviour, which includes modest dress.” According to the decency and public conduct rules, residents and visitors may not be well aware that an Islamic country has its own code of address, particularly during holy occasions, such as Ramadan.

“Women have to avoid indecent dresses that expose their stomach and back, short clothing above the knee, tight and transparent clothing that reveals the body or its shape. Men should not wear short pants in public places or display bare chest and arms.”

Abu Abdullah, Egyptian accountant, said Ramadan is a sacred month when Muslims maximise their efforts to get closer to Allah. “Worshippers do not want anything to disturb them or spoil their fasting during the holy month.”


By Ahmed Shaaban


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