'I'm the Lamborghini' Says Tattooed Man in Australia

Published July 25th, 2018 - 01:06 GMT

This is the stunning secret past of the self-described 'Muslim soldier' who soared to Instagram fame after posting nude photos with his privates covered by pizza emojis.

The heavily tattooed gym junkie known as 'Yakiboy' has revealed his unlikely life story as an Iranian refugee who fled to Australia by boat five years ago.

Hossein Balapour, 28, now struts about Sydney in Versace clothes, bares a gold and diamond-toothed smile and makes a living from his ballooning Instagram fanbase.

'I'm six foot five, why shouldn't I make money from my body?' said Mr Balapour, who makes up to $1500 per photoshoot.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Mr Balapour refuted claims on social media that he must be a bikie or a drug dealer.

He slammed 'jealous' men who criticise his tattoos as 'haram', or forbidden by the Islamic faith, saying his full-body ink is 'like my skin'.

And despite being deluged with flirty posts from 'hot girls in America', Yakiboy revealed he is a married man whose wife will soon give birth to a baby girl.

He clicked his fingers as he said in Persian-accented English: 'Before I was married, I used to get the girls like that.

'A lot of boys spend a lot of money on the girls, buy a handbag, this, that.

'I tell them I'm the Lamborghini - you don't need a Lamborghini, I'm the Lamborghini.'

Ever the lothario, Mr Balapour's wife, who asked not to be named, said he learned to speak English 'from the ladies' when he first arrived in Australia about five years ago.

He taught himself to read and write in the new language while living at backpackers' hostels and sharehouses in Queensland.

That followed a rickety boat ride and time spent in a detention centre on Christmas Island, he claimed.

'Honestly, I put my life in the boat coming to Australia,' he said.

In Tehran, he was a jujitsu teacher and wrestler in Tehran but finds his time there too troubling to dwell on.

'Too many bad memories,' he said, describing the Islamic Republic as a land of 'no opportunities' with an oppressive government which 'rips off the people'.

He chose Australia because it was as far away as possible.

'I heard about it from the soccer, and the nice weather, good country, good people,' he said.

His current lifestyle is very different. A series of provocative posts has seen his Instagram following more than double from 30,000 in March to 70,000 in July.

In one recent shot, he posed naked on the bed with just a pizza emoji covering his private parts. It was captioned: 'I only Deliver Ur Pizza slice in the Versace bed.'



In another, he wore a balaclava, and said: 'You're sleeping at night, you wake up and find me in your house, my balaclava hiding my face and my undies hiding my anaconda. What you going to do in this situation?'

Mr Balapour said it was just a funny role play scenario that Instagram deleted within 48 hours.

You're sleeping at night, you wake up and find me in your house, my balaclava hiding my face and my undies hiding my anaconda. What do you do in this situation?
Meantime, his pizza emoji pictures have become a meme on his page.

Everyone loves the pizza food, it's easy to order, it's come in my head as just the best thing.

'And I'm not going to be too rude - the eggplant is too rude for the picture.'

(Eggplant emojis are often used in sexting because of their phallic shape.)

'The pizza is a little bit funny, and everyone loved it,' he said.

His wife added: 'Some (critics) say the pizza's small, but it's not.'

The bodybuilder and wrestler said he now gets trolled by 'a lot of jealous people' .

People assume he is a drug dealer or a bikie because he looks so intimidating.

He said he has bikie friends, but is not a bikie himself.

'I get a lot of random messages (saying), are you a drug dealer, can you let us know how you make money?

'I never message them back -- I don't want to look bad.

'I'm scary (looking), I don't want people to think I make money from drugs.'

He said he is not rich and lives in a two bedroom apartment in Sydney's south with a few lavish decorations.

'I make money from my body.

'I work as a personal trainer for the wrestling, (doing) jujitsu, modelling,' he explained.

'I don't have any enemies, any drama with anyone.

'Even the jealous people - maybe (it's) because I'm tall or a lot of girls like me, that's why (they're jealous).

'Some people can see he's sexy, he's tall, he has a goatee, there's some jealous people like that.

'I'm really happy when I see (people) better than me'.

Mr Balapour famously described himself as a 'Muslim Shia soldier' earlier this year.

He does not mean he is a fundamentalist - far from it. He simply means he wanted to live a noble man's life of 'being calm and never hitting a woman'.

'That's why I write I am a Muslim Shia soldier, like Ali,' he said - Ali being Mohammed's successor in the Shia branch of Islam.

Followers are often surprised to learn he is married.

'I get messages from these women in America saying are you single, let's get a hotel ... Of course I'm married!'

The love of his life rarely appears on his Instagram because 'she is for my eyes only'.

Life is apparently quite different from what it used to be. People film him working out at the gym and take selfies on the street.

More recently, he ran into one of the relationship experts from Married at First Sight at Rockpool.

The expert told him: 'You're the pizza boy! I read about you on the Daily Mail. Keep going'.

Mr Balapour spends a hefty amount of time at the gym, working out six days a week at Zetland Snap Fitness. (Sundays are for cardio).

Thanks to his Japanese-style tattoos, metallic teeth and imposing height, 'all the time, everyone's scared,' he said.

'Everyone judges with their eyes... (But) when they come up and talk to me, they find 'oh, he's such a nice person'.

Despite his hulking 107kg frame and chiselled physique, what the pictures don't show is that even Mr Balapour feels self-conscious about his body.

Before heading to his Zetland gym on Tuesday, Mr Balapour admitted while he may look big, before working out 'in my head, I feel skinny'.


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