A whiff of iPhone Sir? Savvy Dubai shopkeeper sells the 'mobile' scent

Published December 27th, 2012 - 10:04 GMT
iPhone 5 perfume with matching Apple-style bottle.
iPhone 5 perfume with matching Apple-style bottle.

It's perhaps the perfect pressie for the Apple addict wishing to give off the sweet smell of success - iPhone 5 perfume.

iPhone 5 fanatics in the UAE can now whiff of ‘Apple’ aroma - after the new scent launched in a handful of perfume souks in Deira, Dubai, playing on the popularity of the handset. Savvy shopkeeper Ahmed Al Jabiri, 34, who works at Al Khayam Zaffron at Souq Murshed near the Gold Souk in Deira, revealed he had just 25 bottles of the fragrance for sale.

And the Iranian trader confidently predicted demand for the perfume, made in the UAE, would be as slick as for the gad­get itself - which shifted five million hand­sets in the first three days of world sales. “People will buy it,” Al Jabiri insisted. “It’s a nice smell.”

  1. Apple addicts can now smell of their favourite smartphone - the iPhone 5 - with a handful of perfume souks in Deira, Dubai selling the fragrance

Al Jabiri wanted a hefty Dhs225 to smell like an iPhone 5 - but one shopper wangled him down to Dhs100. That, though, is a Dhs100 too far for 7DAYS’ tech titan and self-confessed Apple aficionado Megha Merani, who said eau de iPhone 5 reeked as bad as rotten apples.

She said the clawing, lingering odour lacked any of the cutting edge that’s made Apple the most popular brand on the planet. Branding it “cheap, hotel body spray”, miffed Merani said: “Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave if he knew about this.

“Apple would never sell a perfume - they would never stoop so low.”


Would you want to smell like an iPhone? Is it just a publicity stunt or will you be buying? Tell us what you think below.

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