Islamabad Police Charge U.S. Embassy Guard for Obstructing Arrest of American Diplomat

Published May 1st, 2018 - 03:00 GMT
Islamabad police (AFP/File Photo)
Islamabad police (AFP/File Photo)

Islamabad police have charged a U.S. Embassy security officer for trying to stop the arrest of an American diplomat whose car had injured a bike rider on Sunday.

A Toyota Jeep driven by diplomat Chad Rex Ausburn hit motorcyclist Nazakaat Awan, who was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), according to a police report. Awan is in a stable condition, a PIMS spokesman said.

Police investigators later blamed him for the accident and released Ausburn, but registered a case against Syed Timor Iqbal, chief security officer at the U.S. Embassy, for “unnecessary interference” in Ausburn’s arrest.

The police report said Iqbal had “committed a crime.” He “misbehaved, attacked and pushed me,” police constable Tariq said in the report.



A U.S. Embassy vehicle driven by Col. Joseph Emanual Hall, defense and air attaché, killed a Pakistani motorcyclist and injured another in Islamabad on April 7.

The federal government last week told the Islamabad High Court that Hall cannot be tried in Pakistan because of diplomatic immunity.

But Deputy Attorney General Raja Khalid told the court that Hall has been blacklisted and cannot leave Pakistan. The U.S. Embassy spokesman did not reply.


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