Gaza war made me fat! Israeli blogger counts calories from a 'stressful' war driving her to the chocolate stash

Published August 4th, 2014 - 01:27 GMT

As the death toll in Gaza continues to climb, another war is waging across social media platforms and the blogosphere. And it's been ugly. The Times of Israel found itself under fire again this week when American-Israeli blogger Rachel Weinstein wrote an op-ed on Sunday lamenting the effect the conflict has had on her waistline.

Yup. Weinstein's "Does this war make me look fat?" points out that as the conflict wages on — so far having killed over 1800 Palestinians and 64 Israelis — so does her addiction to chocolate and junk food. In times of such stress, she says, she and most of her friends "came to the conclusion that war is bad for [the] waistline." She goes on: 

"Not eating because of stress is something I just can’t relate to; I don’t understand it and it confuses me. To be clear though, I am in awe and unabashedly jealous of people who can pull that one off. The common denominator everyone could agree on though was that war is stressful."

So far, this war's internet media is not a stranger to embarrassing and sad editorial lapses. A recently-published cartoon in the Sydney Morning Herald was taken down after featuring a Jewish caricature which referenced sineage used by the Nazis. 

And Weinstein's Times of Israel piece isn't the first of the publication's to make headlines. Another shocking op-ed titled, "When Genocide is Permissible" was published and promptly removed last week, but not before the world got to see it. Thank you, screen shots. 

But Weinstein's piece stands out because it bears such little understanding of the conflict's tragic, non-chocolate-related effects — a fact that certainly hasn't escaped Twitter feeds and blogs across the world.

Whether it's panty-clad Facebook groups sending love to the IDF or Weinstein's tragic tale of chocolate, stress and war, the battles raging across social media show no signs of slowing down. What's next, internet? 

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