Israeli Online Counter-Attack: Hacker Posts Saudi Credit Card Details

Published January 12th, 2012 - 07:33 GMT
Shown for illustrative purposes.
Shown for illustrative purposes.

An Israeli calling himself Omer Cohen has posted online what he says are the credit card details of scores of Saudi nationals.

The act was revenge for the hacking last week of thousands of Israeli credit card numbers by a pro-Palestinian activist.

That activist, who uses the name OxOmer, said he took the details from Israeli online companies before published them on PasteBay, a free text-hosting site.

OxOmer was first believed to be a Saudi, and then a United Arab Emirates national, but his identity remains unconfirmed.

“Omer Cohen” listed the what he said were Saudi details on the same site, but not without leaving a rude personal message for his anti-Israeli rival, which ended with:

“I want you come to my house with all your friends and your country. But you don`t have any friends so shut up.”

Israeli newspapers have spoken of a possible cyberwar between pro-Palestinian and Israeli hackers.

They said last week’s online exposure of at least 15,000 Israeli credit cards seemed not another routine hacking, but rather part of a large-scale “cyber-campaign” against Israel.

The operation was being orchestrated by a group of around 50 anti-Israeli hackers, calling themselves “Teampoison” and their cyber campaign “OpFreePalestine.”

More attacks are expected next month.

The group posted a video on Youtube last month threatening to “terrorize the terrorist (Israel).”

“Anonymous, TeaMp0isoN and many other hacktivists from around the world have united. We may not be able to stop the Zionist regime, but the least we can do is raise awareness and educate people by defacing Zionist websites,” blasted the message.

“Expect us,” it warned.

By Ofira Koopmans

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