Jared Kushner Shares Special Goodbye With 2-year-old Son Theodore

Published June 28th, 2018 - 10:56 GMT

Jared Kushner and his two-year-old son, Theodore, shared a special goodbye on Wednesday morning as the White House senior adviser headed to work for the day.

The 37-year-old dad, who appeared to be getting ready to travel to Wisconsin with his father-in-law, President Donald Trump, was seen leaving his Washington, D.C. home with his youngest child trailing behind him in his pajamas.

Jared turned around to give his little boy a sweet pat on the head and a low-five before making his way to the SUV parked in front of their home.

Theodore was dressed in a pajama top and matching bottoms that featured red fired trucks and he had nothing on his feet but his socks.

The tot carried his sippy cup in one hand while he slapped his father's palm with the other during their sweet goodbye. 

Jared lovingly cupped his son's chin and rubbed his head before he turned around and headed off. 

The father-of-three donned a slate gray suit and a red tie, and he had a black bag slung over his shoulder. He was also seen carrying a rolling suitcase ahead of his trip to Wisconsin with the president. 

Trump is traveling to the state on Thursday to celebrate the groundbreaking of Foxconn Technology Group's $10 billion plant, a deal that Jared helped negotiate.  

The Taiwan-based electronics giant's massive project in Wisconsin will house a display-screen factory on a campus spread over 2,900 acres and will eventually employ as many as 13,000 people.

The Washington Examiner reports that Jared will be traveling to the state with his father-in-law for Thursday's ceremony.

After Jared said goodbye to their son in front of their house, Ivanka got a late start and was seen leaving their home in a Secret Service vehicle at around 9:50 a.m.

The 36-year-old White House senior adviser usually makes the walk between her front door and the SUV waiting outside her home, but she opted to leave straight from her garage on Wednesday morning.

The first daughter appeared to be wearing a polka dot ensemble, and she had her head turned away from the window as she was driven off. 

Earlier this month, little Theodore followed Ivanka outside as she headed to work for the day, much like he did with his father on Wednesday.

Ivanka was all dressed up in a $218 floral dress by Reformation and bright orange pumps for her day at the office, but Theo looked like he was in the middle of breakfast, with his Ralph Lauren bib still fastened around his neck.

While Theodore stood just inside the gate of their home until she climbed into her car, Ivanka failed to turn around and wave at her youngest child. 

Instead, she focused straight ahead as she made her way to the waiting vehicle — although she may have turned back to him once seated in the SUV.

As the mother-of-three was about to get into the backseat of the vehicle, one of her Secret Service agents made sure Theo was safely inside when he closed the gate of her home. 

Ivanka and Jared are also parents to a six-year-old daughter, Arabella, and a four-year-old son, Joseph, but their youngest is the only one who has been seeing them off in the morning as of late.

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