Jeddah’s Ramadan must-have: Potatoes!

Published July 1st, 2016 - 02:51 GMT
A sack of potatoes. (Shutterstock)
A sack of potatoes. (Shutterstock)

 Working at stalls during Ramadan is no longer limited to ambitious youth or the unemployed, especially in selling potatoes. 

Employees have entered the competition, as their ambition has led them to show blaring creativity in preparation and presentation.

Some are even monopolizing the market in the sale of potatoes, one of the manifestations of Ramadan, where both the young and the old buy, especially after iftar.

Some potato stalls are more widely popular than others, as is the case with Uncle (Wei Wei), as he calls himself. He told Al-Madinah newspaper: “Al-Hamdullilah, I am a government employee, and I took an advantage of working fewer hours during Ramadan to participate in a new activity. 

After a long time thinking, I found that the potato stall was the best additional source of income because there is a large demand for potatoes and people rush to buy them during Ramadan.”

He added: “I decided to go for this project, but I found that I should find another way than the traditional sales methods, so I preferred to offer the buried potato: it is dramatically uncommon. It is boiled potatoes looking like meatballs stuffed with cheese or minced meat and then we fry it. Indeed, that was quite popular. Now, I have been working at this stall for four consecutive years and I have achieved a considerable revenue exceeding what I get from my job.”

Waseem Marwani says: “Employee stalls overcame the stalls of the lower income youth who are not employed, because the employee has a greater income from which he can provide more additions to the stall, which thus increases demand. 

They provide things such as decorations, luxurious dishes with lids in providing potatoes, and a working staff to speed delivery and all the things that attract customers.”

Uncle Abu Omar says: “In my opinion, I believe that innovation is one of the most important business continuity factors, and as a result, my stall continues after more than 10 years. Every year I try to add a new spirit to the stall by adding cheese or red sauce to potatoes and the half-peeled potatoes, sandwiches and so on.”

He stressed that these additions received the approval of customers. “People from outside the region sometimes come to buy, and the prepared quantity is gone within three to four hours after Taraweeh prayers, by 1 a.m. or 2 a.m.” 

On the other hand, a group of children and young people, in the university district in Jeddah, stressed that their favorite meal during

Ramadan is potatoes. They cannot get enough of them. They added that people in their houses constantly demand potatoes, where they devote special daily dishes made by the owner throughout the month of Ramadan.

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