Jordanian snake handler makes hiss-tory

Published May 8th, 2016 - 09:06 GMT
A Palestinian viper. (Shutterstock)
A Palestinian viper. (Shutterstock)

A Jordanian man is helping his community, one snake at a time.

Muhammad Al-Mughrabi takes his hobby of catching snakes from his father and grandfather, in an effort to make their community in Al-Karak, in southern Jordan, a safer place.

Al-Mughraby, in his mid-forties, resides in the village of Sul in Al-Karak. He told sources that he loves his hobby of catching snakes, and does not fear them because he knows how to interact with them without getting hurt.

Al-Mughraby confirmed that he has helped many people with removing snakes from their homes without harming the creatures. He is on-call with the local Fire Department, in case they encounter a snake situation and need assistance. 

Al-Mughraby has caught dozens of snakes in the past few years, with one measuring at least three meters long.

He said that he does not accept money in exchange for his services, as he is helping his fellow man for the sake of Allah. He has been bitten once, but continues to practice his favorite hobby.

Jordan is home to over three dozen different types of snakes, with six very venomous ones. The Palestinian viper is both the most common and the most deadly.

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