Keep calm and tranquilize your wife: Husband jailed for injecting wife without her knowledge

Published March 30th, 2016 - 06:08 GMT
The accused injected his wife with morphine and codeine. (Creative commons)
The accused injected his wife with morphine and codeine. (Creative commons)

An Emirati, who tried to 'calm down his wife' with illegal drugs, has been sentenced to four years in jail by a court in Sharjah.

H.M.A., mother of six children, told the court that she was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and her husband, K.M.S, gave a dose of anesthetic instead of the prescribed analgesic drug, without her knowledge.

The defendant admitted before Judge Hussein Alauofi that "he injected his wife without her knowledge".

He justified his act saying that she was in 'an abnormal condition' and so he gave her the injection to comfort her.

The accused, a resident of Sharjah, admitted during the police interrogation that he injected his wife with morphine and codeine, which he obtained from a Pakistani suspect, who used to supply him heroine.

He also admitted to using other pyschotropic substances as he had medical prescription.

During the hearing, he said that he just wanted to revive the mood of his wife as she was delusional.

However, the woman denied knowing that her husband used narcotic substances on her.

She added that as she felt unwell after the injection, she went for a medical check up and came to know about her husband's act.

Laboratory tests of wife's urine samples showed presence of morphine and codeine while husband's urine sample contained several compounds including morphine, codeine and others.

By Amira Agarib

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