Kuwaiti Detectives Charge Man for Putting Child in Car Boot

Published August 13th, 2018 - 01:57 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

A man who placed his daughter in the trunk of his car was arrested by criminal detectives and charged with negligence and causing psychological and bodily harm to the child. Police identified the man following investigations after video footage showing him standing next to a child seated in a vehicle’s trunk went viral on social media. The man was sent to societal police following his arrest to be questioned, as he faces legal action under the child protection law.

Khaitan fire

Firemen dealt with a blaze that engulfed three vehicles in Khaitan. Firemen from Farwaniya fire station led by Maj Abdullah Al-Mutairi responded to the call, and were able to extinguish the flames. No injuries were reported. Meanwhile, an investigation was opened to reveal the cause of the fire.

House under attack

The Information and Security Information Department at the Interior Ministry released a statement commented on a video on social media showing an attack on a woman’s house. It explained that Bayan police station sent patrolmen to the scene in response to an emergency call. Police apprehended a number of people who were standing in front of the house, and sent them to the police station for questioning.

Without a police order

Interior Ministry’s Undersecretary Lt Gen Essam Al-Nahham sent five expatriates for questioning for repairing vehicles without a police order, as the law stipulates an order must be obtained before any repairs are done. A security source said the undersecretary saw sports cars being repaired in garages, but when he asked for the orders, they didn’t have them, Al-Anbaa reported.

Search for suspects

Ahmadi prosecutor ordered the arrest of two identical vehicles for ramming into a citizen’s vehicle. The citizen said one of the drivers pulled a firearm in his face before escaping. Charges of possession of a firearm, damaging other people’s property and causing harm deliberately await the suspects.

Forged banknotes

The financial crimes department, in cooperation with detectives, are looking for unidentified persons who spread forged KD 10 notes in the market. A security source said the search began following official reports from gas stations about the forged notes.

Drug traffickers arrested

Three expats were sent to the public prosecution and charged with trading in drugs by the director general of Drugs Control General Department. Tips were received about a household driver in Adailiya who sold drugs to expats and used his employer’s car for delivery. The driver’s room was searched and 30 gm of shabu was found. Meanwhile, tips were received about an Egyptian man selling marijuana in Salmiya, so an undercover agent was sent to him and the arrest was made during the exchange. Police found 50 gm of marijuana at his place. He said his roommate also traded in drugs, so he was arrested too.

Sheep stolen

Sheep thieves seem to be active days before Eid Al-Adha, as nine sheep were stolen from two holding pens in Wafra, according to complaints by two citizens.

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