The latest group to adopt a burqa ban is… Daesh!

Published September 6th, 2016 - 07:30 GMT
Daesh has banned the burqa over "security concerns." (AFP/File)
Daesh has banned the burqa over "security concerns." (AFP/File)

Daesh militants in Mosul has reportedly banned women from wearing burqas over security concerns.

Daesh had formerly made it mandatory for women to fully cover their bodies with a black veil, including their faces, during public appearances in Syria and Iraq. Women who disobeyed the orders usually faced severe punishments.

According to reports, Daesh has made a U-turn on its policy and banned women from wearing veils in its security and military facilities in Iraq’s Mosul.

The new rules follow the deaths of several high-ranking militant commanders who were attack by women wearing the garments.

Earlier in the month, reports surfaced that Daesh attacked some Syrian women wearing burqas citing that their eyes were too exposed.

The ban comes at a time of increasing controversy over the garment. Various European countries have either attempted to ban its use or are mulling its prohibition.

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