Lebanese Police Look for Women Who Went Topless on Busy Highway

Published July 26th, 2018 - 12:04 GMT
Police in Lebanon are looking for a woman who exposed her breasts from a car on a highway. (Daily Mail)
Police in Lebanon are looking for a woman who exposed her breasts from a car on a highway. (Daily Mail)

Police in Lebanon are looking for a woman who exposed her breasts from a car on a busy highway. 

The woman flashed her chest to motorists while standing up in a car that was travelling along the country's only motorway in Saida.  

Lebanon's roads are often hijacked by pranksters who take advantage of them being entirely free of policing, even if it is merely for social media stunts.  

The latest prank has left many in Lebanon divided, with some people calling for the woman's arrest while others see it as nothing more than harmless fun.

Ziad Akl, the founder of the road safety organisation YASA, says he wants all those responsible for the stunt arrested by the police. 

'It's a chaotic situation on our roads, catastrophic,' he told Mail Online.

'The police must do significant efforts to enforce traffic law not only speed control on few roads.'

'This unfamiliar show is illegal and unethical. Penal law must be enforced in parallel with traffic law in order to eliminate such behaviour.'

Police did not respond to calls for comment from MailOnline. 

But Dr Joelle Bassil, of the The National Road Safety Council, has called for tougher laws.

She suggests that some of the risky high speed shenanigans are alcohol-related or even due to mental health issues.

'A lot of road users' behaviour refer sometimes to psychological problems and other times a tendency to violate the law and lot of times to carry out risky behaviour - like driving under influence of alcohol and distraction' she said.

But others are standing behind the mystery woman on Facebook and her right to express herself in a country staunchly clamping down on such liberties. 

There have been many recent cases reported of bloggers being detained by security officials for merely commenting on social media sites about the state of the country.

'I heard on a radio station today too many women saying: Its no one's business!! She can do whatever she pleases!!' wrote Nader H Lteif.

'They should go practice the law on criminals not on a girl flashing her boobs!!' 

Diyaa Nasr added: 'If I was the minister of tourism, I will legalise this, and you can see how the tourism will prosper and be great.' 

Lebanon - a tiny country of only six million people - has one of the worst accident rates, per head, in the world.

It sees an average of 4,500 accidents each year on its roads, injuring 6,000 while killing up to 900.

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