Level the playing field: Daesh executioner ‘the Bulldozer’ captured by Syrian regime forces

Published June 3rd, 2016 - 04:00 GMT
Obese executioner: The 30-stone militant has become infamous as one of Daesh's most feared executioners. (Courtesy photo)
Obese executioner: The 30-stone militant has become infamous as one of Daesh's most feared executioners. (Courtesy photo)

Dramatic footage published by the Daily Mail appears to show the 20-stone Daesh executioner dubbed The Bulldozer being captured by the Syrian army.
The obese extremist, a member of the terror group's so-called Chopping Committee, is seen lying half-naked in the back of a truck with his hands tied behind his back. Crowds gather round to take pictures of the hulking jihadi, who appears to be grimacing, before he is driven off by Syrian Armed Forces in the footage posted online by Syrian sources.

The militant has gained a bloody reputation as one of Daesh's most feared butchers after beheading dozens of prisoners and amputating young children. He has infamously been pictured in black robes and a mask while wielding a three-foot sword to behead his victims.

But just like Jihadi John, the Daesh executioner who was eventually unveiled as Mohammed Emwazi, The Bulldozer has apparently never dared to show his face on camera.

One of the first images of The Bulldozer surfaced in June 2014 when he was pictured wielding what appears to be a five-foot-long, 52kg Browning machine gun, with armour-piercing bullets.

The weapon, which can be used as a light anti-aircraft gun, is usually mounted on turrets, tanks or fixed structures.

Daesh websites also published pictures of the same man beheading two suspected blasphemers in front of hundreds of men and young boys in Iraq's Anbar province.

Last year, a 14-year-old Syrian boy told how the mammoth extremist chopped off his hand and foot because he refused to join Daesh.
Omar, who was captured fighting for a rebel group and tortured for more than a month, said the Bulldozer gathered a large group of children to watch the bloody amputation.

Omar kept an image of the man who mutilated him on his mobile phone.

It showed the man, dressed-head-toe in black, propping himself up with the blade he uses to maim helpless youngsters.
In March, a picture of a chubby militant emerged that led to speculation it could be the face of The Bulldozer.

By Simon Tomlinson

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