London Woman Films Boyfriend Bleeds to Death, Claims Posted Video on Snapchat

Published June 26th, 2018 - 11:03 GMT
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(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

A woman who filming her boyfriend bleeding to death in the street had ridiculed and humiliated him on Snapchat shortly before his murder, a court heard today.

Fatima Khan, 20, branded 18-year-old victim Khalid Safi a ‘lowlife’ and told him to stop crying as they walked through the streets of North Acton in west London, it is claimed.

Less than an hour later Mr Safi was stabbed in the heart by a ‘rival for her affections’, 19 year-old Raza Khan, jurors were told.

Fatima Khan is accused of orchestrating the attack outside a Costa coffee shop in North Acton, west London, on the evening of December 1 last year.

She later claimed that she posted the video clips on Snapchat before the attack as a ‘plea for help’ because Mr Safi would not let her go home, the court heard.

But prosecutor Kate Bex told jurors that the films were intended to ‘humiliate’ and did not include any request for assistance.

‘The recording shows that she and Mr Safi were not getting on and the act of filming it and then posting it on Snapchat was intended to ridicule Khalid Safi.

‘You can hear her calling him a lowlife and telling him to stop crying.’

Ms Khan then took an ‘abnormally long time’ in the toilets at Costa while Khan travelled to the scene by taxi from north London, the court heard.

She later claimed that she went there to re-tie her headscarf but phone records revealed she made a call to a friend lasting more than seven minutes at around this time.

Miss Bex told the jury: ‘The prosecution suggest she took an abnormally long time partly to delay Khalid Safi to ensure Raza Khan had time to travel all the way from Arnos Grove to North Acton station.’

CCTV of the couple showed they are ‘to getting on very well’, with Fatima Khan using her phone while Mr Safi stood there ‘being ignored’, the court heard.

When Raza Khan arrived shortly after 6pm, he confronted Mr Safi and stabbed him in the chest during a fight that lasted around 15 seconds.

Raza Khan then ran from the scene leaving Mr Safi fatally injured on the pavement.

Jurors were told Fatima Khan made no attempt to help Mr Safi or call for assistance.

Instead she walked back to the scene while on the phone with Raza Khan and began filming the dying victim, it is claimed.

‘She videoed Mr Safi as he lay dying in a pool of blood on the pavement,’ said Miss Bex.

‘She then posted it on Snapchat with the caption "This is what happens when you f*** with me."' 

Jurors heard Fatima Khan had been in an ‘on-off’ relationship with Mr Safi for around two years before he died.

She had also gone out with Raza Khan in around 2013 and would Snapchat him on a daily basis as part of a group, it is claimed.

According to a friend, Raza Khan had also stabbed Mr Safi during a fight a couple of years earlier, the court heard.

Raza Khan is still wanted by police but his whereabouts are unknown, jurors were told.

Miss Bex said Fatima Khan ‘willingly and knowingly entered into a joint enterprise with Raza Khan to cause serious injury to Khalid Safi and her role was essential to the success of the plan.’

Fatima Khan, from Ilford, denies murder and conspiracy to cause GBH.

Jurors were told Fatima Khan is being retried because an earlier trial ran out of time.

The trial continues. 

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