Maid Sentenced to Death for Killing Nine-Month-Old Baby in UAE

Published March 27th, 2018 - 12:49 GMT
A maid washing the dishes (AFP/File Photo)
A maid washing the dishes (AFP/File Photo)

An maid, who killed a nine-month-old baby girl, has been sentenced to death by the Sharjah Criminal Court.

The Sharjah public prosecution had charged the domestic help with premeditated murder for beating the infant, throwing her down on the floor, and then hitting her head with a bat used to kill house flies. The girl sustained fractures on her skull and later succumbed to her injuries at a hospital, according to the prosecution.

The court issued its verdict after confirming criminal intent in the case. It verified all the evidences, including the forensic report.

The infant's parents told the presiding judge that they wanted Qisas (retributive justice according to Islamic law) against the maid for killing their baby. They said they wanted strict penalty imposed on her.

During police interrogation, the maid had admitted that she had thrown the baby -- Salama -- on the ground and then hit her several times.



The prosecution said that the assaulted girl suffered from breathing difficulties. The doctors at the hospital conducted necessary medical tests, which revealed that there was internal bleeding in her head and a swollen-fractured skull. The infant died after she was admitted to the ICU.

Noaf Abdulla, lawyer of the accused, has asked the court to get forensic experts investigate the cause of death of the girl and examine the fingerprints on the bat. Abdulla also requested to check the medical report issued by the hospital to see if the baby died after being hit by the bat.

During a previous court hearing, the baby's mother, HJ, said that she never had any problem with the maid in the past. She said that on the day of the incident, she left the baby in good condition with the maid. When she returned home after half an hour, she noticed that the infant was suffering from some problem and then it fell unconscious. By then, she had not noticed that the baby was beaten and learnt about the torture inflicted on her child only after reaching the hospital.

Although the maid had previously admitted telling the mother that she had beaten the girl, she later denied the accusations. She rejected the testimonies of the mother and said that her only responsibility was to feed the baby and take care of her.

The mother said that the doctor, who noticed bruises and fractures in the skull, had told her about the possibility of torture. The father then lodged a complaint at the Wasit Police Station. The family had installed surveillance cameras in the house, except the bedrooms. And the room where the maid beat up the baby had no CCTVs.

After the court verdict, the baby's father said that they had been going through a nightmare all these days. Now, they were relieved and satisfied that the killer has got what she deserved. He said we are still to come to terms with the loss of our baby, and pray for the safety of all children.

The court ruling can be appealed within 15 days.


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