Man Eats 50 Chillies in a Minute to Win Chilli Eating Contest in China

Published July 9th, 2018 - 09:00 GMT
Chilli eating contest in Hunan province, China  (Twitter)
Chilli eating contest in Hunan province, China (Twitter)

For some people a chilli or two can ruin a meal while others pile on the spice to really enjoy their food, but then there is another category of people altogether who compete to be crowned a champion chilli-eater.

Scores of people gathered in the southern Chinese province of Hunan this afternoon to scoff back the fiery peppers in a bid to win gloating rights while also bathing in the chillies themselves.

Temperatures in the region peaked a blisteringly wet and humid 40 degrees Celsius during the contest and some competitors plunged into buckets chilli water to win prizes throughout the event.



Local man Tang Shuaihui ate 50 chillies in one minute to win the competition, knocking the champion of last year's competition held in nearby Ningxiang well off the podium after he ate a mere 15 fruits in 60 seconds.

Hunan was well known for its spicy food, used liberally in many dishes such as dry-pot chicken and Dong'an chicken.

However despite dining out on a cuisine of hot food, the daredevil challengers' faces went through a range of expressions as they forced the chillies down in the name of competition.


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