Man Stabs Wife After She Tells Him to Do the Dishes in Lebanon

Published January 22nd, 2018 - 06:00 GMT
“He said he wouldn’t do the dishes using cold water" (Shutterstock/File)
“He said he wouldn’t do the dishes using cold water" (Shutterstock/File)


  • A woman told her husband to do the dishes
  • A dispute broke out after he refused
  • He approached her with a knife and stabbed her
  • He threatened to prevent her from seeing her children if she told anyone


A man allegedly stabbed his wife Monday in the southern town of Majdal Selem in Lebanon before taking her to the hospital, threatening that he would prevent her from seeing her children if she told of the attack.

The man, identified by the state-run National News Agency as A.A.R. – but whom the victim, in news reports, referred to as “Hussein” – was arrested by Internal Security Forces in Marjayoun and brought to a local police station.

The woman, identified as D.M.H., was taken to Tibnin’s government hospital for treatment.

During an interview with local news channel MTV, D.M.H. said that the dispute with her husband had begun when she returned home from work and found that he had not done the dishes.

She said the couple had previously agreed that he would help around the house, given that she worked. Nevertheless, her husband in this instance reportedly refused to do the chore.

“He said he wouldn’t do the dishes using cold water,” D.M.H. said. She added that her husband then became angry.



“There was a loud sound, and the children screamed,” she recalled. She told him: “This has nothing to do with manliness, Hussein.”

Her husband then approached her. “I thought he was just going to hit me normally, or strangle me. I didn’t notice that he had a knife in his hand, and he stabbed me,” she said.

The victim said she then fled to the bathroom, but once inside was pushed to the floor. She said that her husband later took her to hospital.

MTV also interviewed D.M.H.’s mother, who said that A.A.R. had a history of violence against both his wife and his children.

“It’s not the first time this has happened with my daughter – one time he threw her from the car and broke her hand; one time he hit her eye; one time he chased her through the neighborhood – and he’s even bad with his kids. He threw his daughter from the car once,” she said.

The attack was the second of its kind Monday, after a man in a Beirut neighborhood shot and killed his estranged wife on the street at dawn, using a pump action shotgun. Authorities investigating that case are pursuing the suspect.


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