The dogs of war: Lebanese clan kidnaps scores of wounded FSA fighters

Published August 15th, 2012 - 10:59 GMT
Hassan Salim al-Miqdad arrested by the FSA in Syria
Hassan Salim al-Miqdad arrested by the FSA in Syria

Following the arrest of one of their clan members in Syria, the Al Miqdad family today told Al Mayadeen network they would retaliate in Lebanon. Amid rumors that the Syrian conflict is spilling over into neighboring Lebanon comes the clearest sign yet that Lebanese involvement is unavoidable.

Hassan Salim al-Miqdad, a member of the highly influential Al-Miqdad tribe, was reportedly arrested by the FSA inside Syria yesterday although Hezbollah’s media relations later denied the rumors.

But clearly Miqdad family members in Lebanon were convinced: a spokesman for them told New TV today that they had already kidnapped 24 FSA fighters, many of whom were being treated for injuries in hospitals in Lebanon.

The spokesman added that millions more Syrians in Lebanon, or ‘dogs’ as he called them, were targets for kidnapping. Asked by New TV reporters if the FSA arrest of the family member justified such an extreme reaction, the spokesman said: “to get our son back, we will do even more than that.”

Now Lebanese activists are concerned that spillover is inevitable given how interlinked the clans of both countries are.


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