Morsi ball-scratching gets serious: activists say innocent itch was "criminal"

Published January 15th, 2013 - 07:56 GMT
President Morsi engaged in the 'indecent act'.
President Morsi engaged in the 'indecent act'.

Two political activists, Louay Omran and Mahmud Salem, and two lawyers, Islam Khalifa and Yasmine Mahfouz, issued an open letter to the attorney-general Sunday accusing Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi of indecent actions and words.

The text implicates Morsi in ‘criminal actions’ that go against the controversial and newly adopted constitution that the Muslim Brotherhood president ironically backed, one that triggered anti-Morsi protests last year aimed at preventing the Islamist constitution from going to vote.

Published online on El-Watan, it calls for a criminal investigation into Morsi’s ‘indecent public assault’ and points to a video released on 27 September 2012 showing the president ‘touching sensitive parts of his body’ in a meeting with Australian Prime Minsiter Julia Gillard.

Citing Article 278 of the Penal Code, the letter says such immodest acts are punishable by imprisonment for up to a year or a fine of no more than E£300.

The statement also called for Morsi’s impeachment for using sexual connotations in his speeches, such as, “let them go to some shantytown and do wrong things,” saying that such expressions are incompatible with religious teachings and that they “negatively affect respect for the president.”


Do you think Morsi's ball-scratching was a "public assault"? Or is the letter a fuss over nothing? Share your thoughts with us below.

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