Mother Plea for Internet Help About 'Rude' Cake Monkey

Published August 6th, 2018 - 11:07 GMT
A distraught mum has shared a photo of the animal-themed birthday cake to social media, with the caption: 'Please be kind' (Facebook)
A distraught mum has shared a photo of the animal-themed birthday cake to social media, with the caption: 'Please be kind' (Facebook)

A desperate mother-of-two has turned to the Internet to ask for help in saving a cake that's been made for her daughter's first birthday.

Along with her plea for suggestions, the mum shared a photo of the animal-themed cake to social media, with the caption: 'Please be kind'.

'I had this monkey made for my daughter's cake for her first birthday,' she wrote.

'It looks like her monkey except people keep telling me how rude he looks in various ways.'

'I've been told he looks like a stoned monkey with his willy out!,' she added.

The image she has shared shows a blue monkey sitting atop a pink base holding a rather oddly shaped number one that's been decorated with blue flowers.



'I can deal with friends and family over Facebook being rude but not with family when I present the cake!,' she said.

'Tonight is dinner and I have to get dinner sorted today too with two under three running around so I'm short on time!

'Is there anything I can do to save it?,' she asked mothers on a Facebook group.

The mother explained she has tried separating the monkey from the 'one' but 'he's stuck to the base' and his leg fell apart after she attempted this.

'I had it made locally and don't know anything about changing colours,' she continued. 'I never expected the pink one to look like this.'

Naturally, those who have seen the images online have commented, with many offering a range of suggestions as to how to save the monkey mishap.

One mum, Amber Rose, suggested: 'You could make a little present to go in between his legs?'.

Another, Stella, chimed in with this idea: 'Maybe try and flatten the ''one" out a bit, so it's not as round. As others have said, too, try and move the top of the "one" away from the stem.

A third, Dee, offered these helpful words to the distraught mum: Tell "everyone" to get their head out of the gutter, a one-year-old isn't going to notice anything but a cute monkey.'

It's not the first time there has been an unfortunate mishap like this.

Recently a photo showing a birthday cake for a two-year-old decorated with what appeared to be a very rude word went viral on social media.

The image, uploaded to Facebook, showed a pink birthday cake topped with what could be read as an extreme profanity.

However, the cake topper was simply the word 'two' facing the wrong way around.

'Make sure the back of this cake is facing the wall,' the amused mum captioned the post.

Before adding an edit: 'I guess it depends on how your kid has been behaving that day as to which side you face it.'

As to be expected, those who've seen the images online have commented on the topper with many making jokes about the terrible twos.

One mum, Jessica, wrote: 'OMG where can I get this topper? My son turns two next month and this is perfect.'

Another, Stella chimed in saying: 'PERFECT... Two year olds can be c****.'

While a third, Taylah, simply stated: 'Nice to keep your options open. Haha.'


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