Naked Woman Detained at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Published June 12th, 2017 - 12:00 GMT
A naked woman at Jerusalem's Western Wall on Sunday (screenshot: Youtube)
A naked woman at Jerusalem's Western Wall on Sunday (screenshot: Youtube)

woman stripped off her clothes at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Sunday and ran from the women’s section toward the men’s section of the holy site.

The 23-year-old, said to be a resident of the Jerusalem area, was quickly stopped and covered up by security personnel and guards, who then detained her, police said in a statement.

The woman was escorted away from the Western Wall plaza and was questioned by police. She will also be sent for a psychological evaluation.

“She came in clothed and at some stage took off her clothes. She seemed to be determined, as if she wanted to cause a provocation,” a witness told Channel 2.

“People started to scream and cry and when she started moving toward the men’s section she was stopped by force,” the witness said.

In (NSFW) video of the incident, the woman can be seen from behind walking calmly toward the men’s section.

Another woman runs up and tries repeatedly to cover her with a shawl, but she pushes her away, before starting to run.

She makes it into the entrance of the men’s section before she is roughly grabbed by the arms by two men who pull her up to the area where there are public bathrooms and a police station.

All the while, people can be heard yelling, “This is a modest place.”

Police later detained her and said she was taken for a psychological evaluation.

Her parents told police that she suffered from mental health issues, Channel 2 reported.

The Western Wall, part of the retaining walls of the Second Temple compound, is the closest point of prayer for Jews to the site of the Temple itself and thus the Jewish people’s holiest place of prayer.

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