New World Record Set for Water Skiing While Being Towed by a Blimp

Published March 15th, 2018 - 10:01 GMT
Blimp flying over a meadow (AFP/File Photo)
Blimp flying over a meadow (AFP/File Photo)

Guinness World Records confirmed a water skier in California broke a record by traveling 6.9 miles while being towed by a blimp.

Philip Robertson, a Guinness adjudicator, confirmed Kari McCollum broke a world record by water skiing for 6.9 miles Tuesday while being towed by a blimp, besting the previous record of just under 5 miles.

McCollum's successful attempt, which was sponsored by T-Mobile and aerial advertising firm AirSign, came after a previous attempt on Monday fell two miles short of the world record.

The sponsors had also hoped to set a world record for fastest text sent from someone skiing behind a blimp, but the text speed fell short of Guinness' requirement. A planned attempt for largest number of people water skiing under a blimp was called off due to weather conditions Tuesday.


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