Newborn not for sale! Dubai woman arrested for trying to sell her baby!

Published March 14th, 2016 - 10:23 GMT
The woman was stopped before her baby could be sold to traffickers. (Shutterstock)
The woman was stopped before her baby could be sold to traffickers. (Shutterstock)

A woman, who allegedly tried to sell her newborn love child for Dh10,000 to an undercover policewoman, has been charged with human trafficking in the Court of First Instance.

According to prosecution records, the mother, an Indonesian maid, had an illicit sexual relation with a Pakistani man and later gave birth to a baby girl in the toilet of a public park in Abu Dhabi. She denied the charge in court.

However, in the records, she claimed that her desperate need for cash was the reason behind her doing. The police anti-human trafficking division was tipped off by a reliable source that the 39-year-old maid was going to sell the baby, who was by then 50-days-old.

The police arranged for a public prosecution warrant to apprehend the mother and any other individual involved.

A Pakistani driver, 45, and a Sri Lankan woman, 49, both denied in court the charge of helping and abetting the mother in the human trafficking crime.

The maid has been overstaying illegally in the country after she ran away from her sponsor and moved to Dubai.

She was arrested in a Dubai police sting operation in Oud Al Muteena shortly after an undercover female police officer met with the other woman defendant as an interested buyer of the baby girl. The female accomplice was arrested at the scene and the money, belonging to the police, was seized from her.

A police captain said they assigned the female officer to help them catch the defendants red-handed. The court adjourned the hearing to March 27.

By Marie Nammour

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