No Shell New Skittles Chewies Hits UK by Storm

Published July 30th, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
Skittles Chewies No Shell (Twitter)
Skittles Chewies No Shell (Twitter)

A 'no shell' version of Skittles, the sweet known for its crunchy exterior and chewy centre, has hit the UK for the first time leaving fans divided over the biggest change to the popular treat in 20 years.

'Skittles Chewies' come with the words 'No Shell' emblazoned on the pack, which contains five flavours: orange, lime, lemon, blackcurrant and strawberry.

An eagle-eyed fan spotted the new release, and a snap was quickly shared on News Food UK's Instagram account, where it quickly garnered almost 5,000 likes and dozens of comments.

'Brand new product alert - new Skittles Chewies No Shell! Literally just saw them being put out in Asda. These taste exactly like skittles just without the shells. After trying these, I now prefer Skittles with no shell', the caption read.

One commenter said they were immediately making their way to the shops to get their hands on a packet, while one said: 'I need these beautiful sugar treats in my life.'

However others weren't so sure and questioned the change to such a popular classic, with many arguing that the shell is the best part.

'What sort of wizardry is this', one person wrote, while another said: 'You just killed Skittles.'

The new release marks the biggest change to Skittles in 20 years, and they reportedly boast 'a lighter texture and a less intense flavour than the originals'.

Available in the classic small pack and a larger 'shareable' version, they are now on sale in supermarkets across the country.

Dan Newell, from Mars Wrigley Confectionery, said: ‘Having undertaken extensive research, we found that retailers and consumers alike were looking for something with an alternative texture that still retained the fruity flavours of our much-loved brands.’

Skittles were first made commercially in 1974 by a British company before being sold in Europe that year.



They were then introduced in North America in 1979 as an import confectionery and in 1982, domestic production of Skittles began in the United States.

However, another change to the classic formula which was made to celebrate Pride in June 2017 did not go down well with some customers

Manufacturers released white versions of the colourful sweets to send out the message that 'during Pride, only one rainbow matters', referring to the LGBT rainbow.

Skittles have become the unlikely focus of a race row after Twitter users objected to white versions of the sweets being sold to mark Pride month.

However, several Twitter users suggested that choosing the colour 'white' for the neutral Skittles was racist.

Podcaster Tora Shae started the debate by arguing that the colour white has never represented 'equality', tweeting: 'Why should whiteness mean equality?! That's the f***ing problem!


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