Not a magic carpet ride... Albanian locals mistake RnB singer dressed as Aladdin for Daesh

Published November 25th, 2015 - 11:00 GMT

This is the music video which panicked locals mistook for a terror threat sparking a massive police response, it has been reported.

Local police are said to have been inundated with calls from terrified witnesses of an "ISIS invasion".

Among those raising the alarm in Albania was local MP Mesila Doda, who posted the images on her Facebook account.

But officers who raced to the scene on the outskirts of the capital Tirana, stopped the lorry and discovered that the suspected 'terrorists' were actually actors and dancers dressed as Aladdin and Ali Babba.

They were taking part in a new music video for 26-year-old local singer Ronela Hajati.

The RnB musician posted on her account that the video had nothing to do with ISIS and urged people to calm down and not jump to conclusions.

She said: "We dressed those guys to resemble Aladdin and Ali Baba...I don’t know...people calm is only a video. Make love and not war."

Later on her official website she added: "I don't want people to create unnecessary drama but nevertheless I would like to apologise to anyone who might have been frightened by the misinterpretation of my video.

"It is a new song that still has not been made public and it has an oriental background and we interpreted the song accordingly.

"It is still to me incomprehensible that part of the video could be misinterpreted in this way and I'm sure that once people see the full video it will be clear that we weren't in any way attempting to cash in on the recent terrible events."

The apology however failed to impress many, such as user jeta.0077, who wrote: "Miss Hajati, you have frightened our children, you are the one creating the drama. Whatever you are trying to do the video is a total failure if only because of the clothes they are wearing, and you better stop."

By Louise Sassoon

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