Omani newly-married Couple Die in Hotel Room in Tbilisi

Published April 16th, 2018 - 07:03 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

A newly-wed Omani couple from the Wadi Al Aa’la village in the Wilayat of Bahla, passed away in their sleep in Tbilisi, Georgia on Thursday, the Omani Embassy in Ankara announced.

According to one of the couple’s relatives, Salim Al Hinai, the duo were in their 20s and died due to suffocation from gas leak, after they forgot to turn off a heater before falling asleep.

Salim said, “We were informed about the harrowing incident by the Omani Embassy in Ankara on Wednesday.” The deaths occurred last Sunday, however, the bodies were found in their room only three days later.

The initial probe led by the Georgian authorities revealed that the couple had suffocated due to gas that leaked from the heater. The bride and groom belonged to the Al Hinai tribe and were from the Wadi Al Aa’la village in the Wilayat of Bahla. The relative added, “The couple passed away on the night they reached Georgia. It’s a big loss. The incident has shocked the whole village.”

Repatriation process completed

In a statement, the embassy said: “The Omani Embassy in Ankara has followed up [on] the death of a citizen and his wife on Thursday in Georgia.”

Adding that they have taken “all measures from [finding out] the cause of death to [completing] the repatriation procedures in coordination with the embassy of Qatar in Georgia”.

Later, the embassy in Ankara announced that the repatriation process had been completed and that the bodies of the couple would be sent back to Oman by 9 pm on Sunday.

The embassy in Ankara said, "The repatriation process of the bodies of the Omani citizen and his wife have been completed. The bodies were sent to the Sultanate by a flydubai flight and were likely to arrive at 9:00 pm Oman time."

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