Palestinian MP Says 80% of Gazans Live Below Poverty Line

Published May 20th, 2018 - 08:58 GMT
(AFP/File Photo)
(AFP/File Photo)

Om Hamdan Thabet, Palestinian citizen who lives in Gaza said how she underwent very hard moments during the first Suhoor of Ramadan, as she couldn’t find in the worn-out refrigerator any food to serve for her children and for her wheelchair-bound husband.

She only found a little bit of Palestinian thyme to put beside a cup of tea for her family of seven members, in the hope that the small quantity of thyme would make them endure a long day of fasting and in the hope that she would be able to provide some lentils to prepare iftar after 14 hours of fasting.

The family lives under tough humanitarian conditions since the husband can’t work and is bound to a wheelchair, while two of her children suffer from other disabilities.

The family lives on some aid from charity associations and good-doers.

Om Hamdan said that the aid is not offered on fixed basis whether from the associations or the good-doers. She added that her husband stopped working since 4 years and that her oldest child is under the age of 14.

Thousands of families in Gaza Strip live similar conditions, at a time when the authority has stopped giving cheques for poor households.



Jamal Khoudary, Palestinian MP and chairman of the Popular Committee Against Siege, revealed shocking numbers of the humanitarian condition in Gaza.

In a statement, he said that 80% of the people are below the poverty line and that citizens get electricity only four hours during the day. He added that 95% of Gaza's water is not drinkable, and there is a quarter million unemployed Palestinians and thousands of graduates who have no chance of finding a job.

“This condition is more than difficult and it can’t continue,” he added.


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