Paris Platform Design Virtual Space For Lebanese Fashion Buffs

Published July 3rd, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
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(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

My Tailors & Co., an online design platform based in Paris, has launched a virtual space for Lebanese designers to promote their work. The company’s expansion to the Middle East, beginning with Lebanon was launched during Beirut Design Week. My Tailors & Co. was established in 2017 by Benedicte Charmes and began by promoting the work of independent French designers.

The platform connects clients to registered designers to create bespoke items. When both parties agree on the design and price, the client pays using the platform and the item is shipped directly to them.

My Tailors & Co. currently features more than 200 designers who make furniture, clothes and accessories. The company is expanding throughout Europe, and aims to reach an international market. It recently received the Societe Generale award at Fashion Tech Days, an event that brings together and innovators in fashion and technology.

Lebanon is the company’s first step in the Middle East. “No platform like My Tailors & Co. exists in the world, and Lebanon is very interesting for us [because it is] a hub for design and creation in the Middle East,” Nada Ghosn, My Tailors & Co.’s ambassador for Lebanon and the Middle East, said.

My Tailors & Co. had a stall at the Beirut Design Week exhibition, and Ghosn was present with some items featured on the platform. “People were surprised that we have such artistic things with a [relatively] low price.” On the site, independent designers offer unique artistic designs, but with lower prices than large brands. “It’s good quality, personalized, and artistic,” Ghosn said, adding that attendees at the Beirut Design Week exhibition were particularly interested in the concept of ordering customized designs.

Clients can contact a designer on the platform and request a personalized item based on a specified budget. They can also request custom versions of the designer’s previous work. The designer is then responsible for negotiating the price with the client and for delivering the product. My Tailors & Co. simply provides a platform for clients to transfer their payments and for designers to promote their work.

My Tailors & Co. also held a workshop series in Beirut with the city’s branch of ESMOD, the international fashion design school.

The company invited French designers to give workshops, and the company’s board was present during the fashion show graduation.

“ESMOD Beirut was our first step, and we hope to continue collaborating with design schools,” Ghosn said.

My Tailors & Co. aims to attract designers and clients from all over the world. Personalized artwork, according to Ghosn, is better than the merchandise available at shops. “It is unique, tasteful and customizable,” Ghosn said.

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