Redheads Have Finally Their Own Emoji Ending 'Years of Discrimination'

Published June 5th, 2018 - 05:00 GMT
(Shutterstock/File Photo)
(Shutterstock/File Photo)

Redheads finally have their own emoji ending 'years of discrimination'.

Male and female ginger-haired emoji with a range of skin tones are out today as part of a set of 157 new characters launched by the Unicode Consortium.

Other new symbols include male and female superheroes and villains as well as a lab-coat, kangaroo, mango and sponge.

The emoji 11.0 set will roll out to social media platforms as well as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung smartphone users worldwide over the coming months.

The new characters today join 2,666 other emoji already offered by the Consortium, though it may take some time before smartphone firms add them to their software.

As well as redheads, the upgrade sports a range of new hairstyles, including curly-haired, white-haired and bald people.

Also included are hot and cold faces, as well as party, woozy and pleading faces.

The set features male and female superheros and supervillains, as well as emoji for activities such as softball, frisbee, sewing, chess and lacrosse.

Animals lovers will enjoy the new llama, raccoon, lobster, hippopotamus, parrot and kangaroo emoji.

The update also includes new skin tone options for the leg and foot emoji, as well as science-focussed characters like a test-tube, lab coat and petri dish.



Although there are only 66 new emoji, some of them have more than one skin tone option, leading to a total of 157 new symbols.

Based on past rollouts, Facebook and Twitter will likely take up the new emoji first, with the full 11.0 set expected to hit the platforms between now and August, according to Emojipedia.

The site says Google and Apple should release the symbols to Android and iPhone users between September and December.

The additions were announced in February but are available to software developers as of today.

The addition of a ginger character to the emoji sphere sparked rejoice among the online redhead community.

Twitter user @lukestringer90 wrote: 'Finally. Equality for gingers in Emoji 11.'

@1_Kidney_Col tweeted: 'NO MORE DISCRIMINATION. Give my [sic] my ginger emoji'.

Other users saw the lighter side to the addition.

@alecingle tweeted: 'Today's the day gingers get an emoji. Big day for you guys, great work. Stay out of the sun whilst celebrating'.


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