Russia's Pobeda Airlines is to Use ‘Stand up travel’ to increase Passenger Number

Published April 25th, 2018 - 07:00 GMT
(AFP/ File Photo)
(AFP/ File Photo)

Pobeda, a Russian carrier, plans to take advantage of the “stand up travel” innovation, aiming to boost its revenues by increasing the number of passengers on its flights.

Russian media outlets reported that as part of this commercial view, the Aeroflot-owned Pobeda Airlines, plans to inaugurate a special section on its flights, in which the regular seats will be replaced with new “stand up” seats. But, those seats still have to acquire the necessary official approvals, and meet all the security and safety conditions. Commenting on the news, the company said it is studying several suggestions to increase the number of its cheap tickets. 

The “Stand up seats” idea has been created by the Italian Aviointeriors, specialized in designing and manufacturing airplane seats. It is hoped that the new seats will allow more space on flights - up to 20 percent on board. 

The seat, which is placed on a column, is composed of a thin cushion designed to fit the human body's structure while standing, allowing it to lean and reduce body weight pressure on the spine. In the middle, the “stand up seat” includes a part that resembles a horse saddle, designed to allow the passenger to stand in a "half-seated" position, that also help reduce the body weight’s pressure on the spine.

Engineers provided the seat with side arms, like those found in regular seats.

The US Civil Aviation Authority has rejected the idea of "standup" seats, but airlines are trying to get approvals to use this type of seats on domestic short flights to increase the number of passengers, and thus, enjoy profit growth.

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