Want to see Sarah Palin's bizarre rant about Israel, Hamas and Joan Rivers?

Published July 31st, 2014 - 08:47 GMT

Sarah Palin has offered her thoughts on the current Israel-Gaza conflict by releasing a rambling, nine-minute video urging support for Israel on her new digital venture, the Sarah Palin Channel.

The video, entitled 'The Truth About the War in Israel’, was released on Tuesday and references "unlikely sources of foreign policy wisdom" in the form of a shock-jock (Howard Stern) and a Hollywood fashion critic (Joan Rivers) who Palin lauds for "cutting through the nonsense and getting to the truth” at the centre of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The former governor of Alaska and one-time Republican candidate for vice-president launched her online television network earlier this week in order to “talk directly” to her supporters – for a subscription fee of $9.95 (£5.88) per month.

The channel is backed by TAPP, a new media group established by two former bosses at major networks CNN and NBC. Despite having links to such major networks, Palin's website promises to “cut through the media’s politically correct filter” because it has “no need to please the powers that be”.

The website even features a ticker totting up the national debt, alongside a countdown to the end of Barack Obama’s time in office, a man she freely describes as “the current lawless, imperial president” during her discussion on Israel and Gaza.

In the broadcast, which features shots of Palin sat directly in front of the cameras mixed with a montage of election campaign-esque photos, Palin refers to Hamas as a “death cult” she claims is “operating right next door to the tiny nation of Israel, which is struggling to defend itself against attacks".

"Don't believe for a second their acts of terrorism will stop with just our ally, the Jewish state of Israel - no," she warns. "They'll move onto more."

By Heather Saul 

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