Saudi arrests four in ‘sorcery’ scheme

Published June 29th, 2016 - 01:26 GMT
There's nothing magical about currency exchange - or theft. (Shutterstock)
There's nothing magical about currency exchange - or theft. (Shutterstock)

Police in Madinah arrested a gang of four, including a woman, who tried to dupe foreign workers, claiming it could give them their own national currency notes through sorcery.

Madinah police said the members of the gang, including the Asian woman, tried to earn a fast buck by cheating the innocent workers who were anxious to get their own national currency through sorcery. The police did not reveal the nationality of the men.

The gang members would bring their prey to a secret place, stealing the cash from the victims’ wallets when they were in a state of meditation, the police said, adding that the group had even rented a car from an office in Mecca.

Those arrested will be deported after a formal inquiry to ascertain the degree of their respective offenses.

According to police chief Maj. Gen. Abdul Hadi Al-Shahrani, the authorities in Madinah conduct regular inspections to apprehend illegal workers to curb crimes such as thefts, sorcery, employing illegal workers, brewing liquor and preventing them from becoming involved in nefarious activities.

According to the official, most of the crimes in the Kingdom are committed by illegal residents who have overstayed their visas.

By Mohammed Rasooldeen

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