This Eid, Saudi shebab are our knights in shining armour!

Published July 31st, 2014 - 12:44 GMT

Some Saudi youths have volunteered to fix broken down cars during Eid around the Kingdom.

The group of volunteers called Knights of the Road offer free repairing service in a bid to demonstrate the existence of helpful people.

The volunteers launched a website that contains the names of the volunteers, their contact information and the city where they are located.

On the website and under visitors’ comments, other youths have also listed their contact information, offering their services and wanting to join the Knights of the Road.

The website details a total of 160 volunteers. They are divided into different areas across the Kingdom such as the Central and Western regions, and the Northern, Eastern and Southern provinces, and their surroundings.

The group is co-founded by Abu Faris who lives in Riyadh. He initiated the plan by offering his services to people whose cars had broken down in his district. He made his mobile number available and offered the service in his neighborhood.

“I found through experience over a period of time that Saudi youth are willing to serve the community and help one another. So, I posted an ad on different social media platforms to create the database of the website,” he said. “This project is 100 percent free of charge where individuals and groups only aim to give back to their community and help other people by repairing their cars,” he added.

Two million people responded to the social media advertisement and shared it among others. “I started doing this individually six years ago and I wanted to expand my services by posting it on social media sites and that’s when people started approaching me to join the project,” said Abu Faris.

“A month ago I started the website with only 30 men from different locations and two weeks ago more than 150 men joined us and the list getting bigger by the day. All that the project needs is experience and time, and whoever has both is welcome to join us,” he added. 

Seventy percent of the people assisted by the volunteers were expatriates. “In one month, we helped around 5,000 people and on Eid night we helped repair 16 cars. “Most of those we helped are non-Saudis because they mostly have old and damaged cars, and many of them don’t know where to go and what to do when their cars break down during the drive,” said Abu Faris. “Every day, after work, I dedicate two hours to roam around Riyadh streets searching for someone who might need help for repairing his car and I would instantly offer my assistance. I am available on my mobile anytime and ready to receive calls from those who need help,” he added.

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