Saudi shrew gives short reward for found wallet yet hero still prevails

Published December 8th, 2013 - 09:56 GMT
Not the actual wallet from this report but it is likely that the owner of this found wallet granted a much larger reward. [beliefnet]
Not the actual wallet from this report but it is likely that the owner of this found wallet granted a much larger reward. [beliefnet]

Saudis have heaped scorn on a man who gave only SR15 (Dh14.69) to a Bangladeshi national who returned his lost wallet containing SR26,000.

Mohammad Hussain Maqbool, due to fly home on Monday, found the wallet at a market in a small town in Adham in western Saudi Arabia.

Inside were the money and the proprietor’s ID card and Mohammad promptly sought the assistance of a Saudi man who took him to the home of the owner. Elated, he gave him SR15 as a reward for returning the wallet, local news site Sabq reported on Sunday.

However, when the members of the local social development committee heard about Mohammad’s gesture and the derisory cash reward, they hosted a special reception for the expatriate and gave him a certificate of appreciation and SR1,000 to thank him for his honesty and honourable attitude.

“We are grateful to Mohammad for the lesson in honesty he generously gave,” Muaili Al Mewali, the head of the committee, said. “The expatriates living in Saudi Arabia have been contributing to the development and progress of the nation and they have every right to be thanked for their contributions,” he said.

Online commentators also thanked Mohammad and saluted him as a shining example of honest behaviour in the middle of numerous temptations.

However, they lashed out at the wallet owner whose name or nationality were not mentioned for offering the meagre award, saying that he was a terrible example of ingratitude.

“May you suffer from hard times for your selfishness,” Ibn Hatem told the wallet owner in his comments. “Religious practices command that you give him at least 10 per cent of the total amount and you offered only SR15. May God bless Mohammad in all ways.”

Ammar said that the award was so terrible that it should not have been given.

“You could have saved your SR15 since you are so in love with money. You have just recovered SR26,000 and all you do is give peanuts to an honest man who took the pain to locate you and give you back your money. He could have taken all the money.”

Another blogger, writing under the moniker Wajdealll41, prayed for the wallet to be lost again.

“May the owner lose his money again so that he learns to recognise and appreciate people’s generosity and compassion with fellow human beings. It was too easy for him. He loses so much cash, yet, a poor soul brings it back to him right to his home. The reward: SR15. Shame on you!”

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