The Saudi Files: Embarrassing intelligence details are leaked online

Published July 16th, 2012 - 09:15 GMT
Bad day at the office for the Saudi intelligence team
Bad day at the office for the Saudi intelligence team

After the Syria Files come the Saudi leaks and this time they’re coming out on Twitter. Mujtahidd, as he calls himself, is being referred to as the new Julian Assange after he revealed details of the Saudi intelligence network online.

According to him, the chief of the intelligence service, Moqren Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, is too busy with booze and girls to get on with his job and has delegated duties to the department’s general manager instead. Mujtahidd claims that this same general manager is so incompetent that Saudis have lost any information they once had about Egypt, Iraq and Iran.

The failure of intelligence has already cost the Saudis dearly as in the case of Princess Sarah Bint Talal, known as the ‘Barbie of Saudi’. The errant princess has claimed asylum in the UK, saying she fears for her safety back home. It’s a case the Saudi intelligence should have known about in advance but so far Sarah has the upper hand.

According to the leaks: “the King asked for a secret investigation behind Moqren's back about the reason of his failure, the following was concluded: all of the employees of the intelligence department, whether civil or military agreed that he does not know a thing about intelligence.” Mujtahidd added that the general manager Moqren had left in charge - Al Hawas - now controlled the entire department and has more power than secretary of the National Security Council, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan.

Intelligence employees have started to complain as, according to the leaks, they no longer have any work to do and are being deprived of their bonuses and expense accounts. As for Princess Sarah, she has kept up her media campaign against the Saudi royal family and, having no intelligence about her movements, they have been powerless to respond.


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