Cheers to the 21st century! This Saudi woman got her divorce granted using spy software to catch her cheating husband

Published September 12th, 2014 - 06:40 GMT

A Saudi woman here has been granted a divorce from her husband after she used a spy software on his phone to catch him cheating with her best friend.

The woman told a court here recently that she had installed the software on her husband's phone after a sudden change in his behavior. “He spent a lot of time making long calls and often whispered during the night. He also devoted less time to the family."

"I was suspicious and decided to tap his conversations with the help of a tapping device,” she said. “I felt worse after discovering that he was having an affair with my best friend whom I confided in about everything that was happening between us.”

On being questioned, the husband first denied the claim and accused his wife of being jealous and insecure. However, after being presented with the recordings, he confessed and blamed the other woman for enticing him into a relationship.

The court granted her the divorce and custody of their children, under a recent ruling from the Supreme Judicial Council that a divorced woman can be the legal guardian of her children.

Although spying is unlawful, it has become the newest way to catch a cheating spouse. Women these days claim it is their right to spy on their husbands so that they can have solid evidence of infidelity, including intercepting cell phone and e-mail messages and monitoring their activities.

The court said that if a woman files for divorce with evidence in such cases, she should call a witness or ask the husband to take an oath.

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