Severe Penalties for Violators in the UAE's New Product Safety Law

Published March 15th, 2018 - 10:40 GMT
All products should be up to standards in UAE  (AFP/File Photo)
All products should be up to standards in UAE (AFP/File Photo)

Severe penalties, including imprisonment and a fine of Dh500,000-Dh3million ($136,108 - $816,750), will be slapped on violators of new product safety law, which was passed by the Federal National Council (FNC) on Wednesday.

The FNC passed the product safety draft law, which the council said aims to support and protect the country's economy, security and environment from unsafe practices and hazardous imported goods.

The new law stipulates that all products should be up to standards, although members did not provide details of the standards. Moreover, hefty penalties will be given to those who sell products that do not meet safety and/or are not removed from the market after deemed unsafe.

However, it excludes human and veterinary medicines, vaccines and goods, which are listed as antiques.



During a session, which was attended by Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, the FNC members made their observations on the new law that pertains to the national and imported products, exhibitions organised in the UAE, importing of goods, the facilities obtained and the regulations applied to them.

The Minister of Economy stressed that the law is important and is part of a series of laws issued by the various parties concerned with the protection of consumers, with respect to the safety of products, which includes the safety specifications of all products.

Other specifications include the cost of the products produced in the UAE, as well as those produced outside the UAE and registration fees. The minister pointed out that with regard to some exhibitions, the law stipulates that products may only enter the country if they fit within the new requirements.

The law highlights that products must be suitable for use in the country under normal conditions.


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