Sharjah Court Tries 2 Over Stabbing Man's Hand

Published June 6th, 2018 - 11:30 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

The court also heard the testimony of one of the eyewitnesses.

Two UAE citizens are on trial at the Sharjah Criminal Court for inflicting serious injury with a cleaver on a 19-year-old Emirati's hand during a group clash near Al Khuzama park last year. Presiding Judge Mahmood Abu Baker confronted the two accused with the charges.

The court also heard the testimony of one of the eyewitnesses, charges against whom were dropped after it was found that he didn't participate in the fight. He told the court that the victim - his friend - told him that he had to go and meet the first accused. He reached the park with him and found around 17 people already there - who were from the two warring sides. While he was waiting for his friend in the car, a clash broke out between the two groups, the eyewitness said.

He said that he saw the 24-year-old suspect - the first defendant - involved in the fight, but he couldn't see if his friend was attacked by him. He came to know about his friend's injury only after he saw him bleeding profusely as he boarded the car, the eyewitness said. He added he drove his friend to Al Qasimi hospital.

The victim was later shifted to Rashid Hospital, where a surgery was carried out and he would have to travel abroad for further medical treatment, the 19-year-old witness told Khaleej Times.

During the court hearing, the first defendant said the victim came to the park with the intention to fight and he is the one who first attacked them. He said he did not know how the victim was stabbed in the hand, and he was only defending himself and didn't assault him. He stated that the victim tried to attack the second defendant.

The second defendant said he was carrying a belt, but did not attack the victim. He pointed out that he and his friends were sitting in the park when the victim's group attacked them and they defended themselves. He requested the court to release him as he was innocent.

The judge adjourned the hearing.

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