Singapore Revokes All Work Permits for North Koreans

Published March 28th, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
People walking along Orchard Road in Singapore (AFP/File Photo)
People walking along Orchard Road in Singapore (AFP/File Photo)

Singapore has canceled all work permits for North Korean workers in its borders, in line with United Nations Security Council resolutions, a recent U.N. sanctions report shows.

In an implementation report submitted last week, the Singaporean government confirmed that there are now "no nationals of North Korea with work passes in Singapore," as permits have been revoked for all North Koreans.

The government will not grant new permits, it added.

Also, those from North Korea who arrive in Singapore without a visa will be rejected from entry.

According to various human rights groups, some 65,000 North Koreans were working in 40 countries across Eastern Europe and Asia by 2015.



They were estimated to be earning between $200 to $500 million per year for the Pyongyang regime.

However, countries including Russia, Poland and Mongolia have been sending back or phasing out the number of North Korean guest workers, in line with Security Council resolutions.

Following North Korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile test, the Security Council adopted resolution 2397 which requires all member states to repatriate all North Koreans earning income in their borders, by no later than Dec. 2019.


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