Egypt! How do you kiss??

Published June 10th, 2014 - 08:05 GMT
How do strangers kiss in Egypt?? (Shutterstock)
How do strangers kiss in Egypt?? (Shutterstock)

You may have seen the video of 20 strangers kissing each other (if not click the video to the right). Now, welcome to the same concept, Egyptian style!

Want to know more? In March 2014, Amateur filmmaker Tatia Pilieva  from Wren studios got 20 strangers together and placed them into couples. She then filmed that intimate moment when they shared their first kiss... Sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, the striking black and white video shares a private insight into how awkward but thrilling human engagement can be. 

With almost 84 million views, this video is a hit. The only thing that could make it better though? Why, putting a Middle Eastern spin on it of course!

Directed and produced by Haitham Abu Akrab of Handmade Studios, click the video to the right to view "Egyptian strangers kissing"…

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