Survival of the fittest? Tweets go wild over weather

Published February 20th, 2015 - 08:00 GMT

Since meteorologists announced an expected polar front and snow this weekend, many social media users started posting photos and cartoons mocking consumers’ attitudes of overstocking on food and gas. 

A surge in demand for food has been a fixed culture among Jordanians whenever news of severe weather is released. 

Twitter user Naseem Tarawnah ‏(@tarawnah) posted a photo of King Leonidas from US film “300” leading a march in battle, with a phrase Arabic reading in “To the bakeries.”

The Amman-based Kharabeesh Network also tweeted a cartoon by Naser Jaafari showing a house full of food, with a tweet reading in Arabic “phobia of depressions.”

Other social media users also mockingly prayed for Zarqa Governorate, where it usually does not snow, prompting its residents to drive to Amman to play in the snow.

“Pray for Zarqa to receive snow. We are all Zarqa,” wrote Shadi Rawashdeh ‏(@sh_rawashdeh).

But Mohammad Masri @mohadmasri) tweeted that Zarqa will finally receive snow based on weather forecasts.

“According to the expectations of the Jordan Meteorological Department, three areas in the Kingdom will not receive snow: Aqaba, the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. Congratulations Zarqa, you qualified to the final,” he joked.

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