Teacher Charged with molesting Student in Abu Dhabi

Published March 13th, 2018 - 12:10 GMT
A boy at shool (AFP/File Photo)
A boy at shool (AFP/File Photo)

A teacher stood trial at the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance for molesting a male student during the school hours.

The prosecutors charged the teacher with molesting the child. However, the man denied the charge when he appeared in court.

The boy, from a GCC nation, said his English teacher drew sketchy pictures of a naked man and a woman on the blackboard, went near his seat and touched his buttocks inappropriately.

Official court documents stated that the boy's father had filed a complaint against the teacher after his son told him that he was sexually abused by the teacher. The father told authorities that his son told him that the American teacher touched his bums in a weird manner while having an English lesson.



The father added that when he tried to get out of the classroom after the incident, the teacher closed the door and put the key in his pocket.

The boy later went to the school's social worker and told him about the incident. But no action was taken and the social worker told the boy it was a normal act.

His lawyer argued that prosecutors did not present any evidence to prove that the boy was sexually abused.

The lawyer said the boy claims that the incident took place in a class which had almost 25 students. But there was no testimony presented from anyone who might have witnessed the incident. She added that no CCTV footage was presented as evidence in the case.

The lawyer said the boy made allegations because the teacher told the student that he was going to be dismissed from his position as a leader in class and another student be appointed for the same.

She pleaded the judge to acquit his client stressing that the man was innocent.

The court adjourned the case to March 28.


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