What do you do when your hubby throws out your cat? Terror twin hopes to meet cat in paradise

Published September 10th, 2014 - 08:22 GMT

She is the ‘terror twin’ who has called for the execution of soldiers and become a jihadi bride in war-torn Syria.

But schoolgirl Zahra Halane has revealed her biggest worry: the welfare of her cat.

The 16-year-old tweeted about her fears for her missing ginger kitten yesterday, saying it had ‘disappeared’ after her ‘husband threw [it] outside’.

A picture of the tomcat lying on a man wearing a camouflage T-shirt was posted to a Twitter account, believed to belong to the teenager, who is in Syria with her twin sister Salma. She also posted a picture – believed to be of herself – in a full veil holding an AK47, kneeling in front of the IS flag, a dagger and a grenade.

The cat is called Abu Hureyra after an ancient settlement by the Syrian city of Raqqa, the Islamic State stronghold where the girls are thought to be living.

Zahra wrote: ‘Abu hureyra disappeared!!!! inshaa Allah [God willing] we will be reunited in jannah [paradise].’ She accompanied the message with symbols for a crying face and a heart, later adding: ‘my husband threw outside (sic)’.

Previous tweets from the account included messages such as ‘I support the executions of Syrian soldiers. It’s self defence’ and pictures of machine guns alongside the Koran.

Zahra is thought to have married in Syria since disappearing with her sister overnight from their home in the Chorlton area of Manchester in June.

The pair have 28 GCSEs between them and were planning to become doctors, having just finished their first year of sixth-form college, but were said to have been radicalised over the internet.

Their father Ibrahim and mother Khadra travelled to the region to try to bring them home, but without success. The couple have 10 children and their 21-year-old son Ahmed is said to be fighting with Al Shabaab, a militant group in Somalia.

A senior member of the Somali community in Manchester said yesterday they were ‘appalled’ at the new image. ‘Everyone is really shocked the twins are still in Syria with these so-called jihadi fighters who are carrying out such atrocities,’ he said.

‘Also to talk about a missing cat like she was making a home is very disturbing. We, as a Somali people, are all appalled by their actions but we are also desperately sad for their family.

‘They came to the UK to provide a better future for their children and to make sure they got a good education. They don’t understand where it all went wrong.’

Zahra’s tweets come two days after another British jihadi bride – an 18-year-old using the name Al jazraweeya – wrote that she wanted to see David Cameron’s head ‘on a spike’.

She also called on other young girls to join the cause in Syria.

IS and its supporters have used social media extensively to spread their message but their accounts are regularly shut down.

Yesterday one reportedly belonging to a linked group – Al Nusra Al Maqdisia (Supporters of Jerusalem) – threatened to kill Twitter employees over the closures.

The account, now suspended, warned workers that they could be killed by ‘lone wolves’.


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