There’s nothing on anyway: Daesh outlaws television in Raqqa

Published December 17th, 2015 - 08:00 GMT

ISIS (Daesh) has banned TV to stop its fighters and oppressed subjects watching foreign channels that condemn its barbarity, anti ISIS activists have claimed.

It has also forbidden the purchase, sale and repair of television sets across its territory in Iraq and Syria, according to a leaflet obtained by Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered (RBSS).

ISIS has ordered fighters to break into homes and destroy satellite receivers in recent months, it has been reported.

The group is notorious for banning Western symbols. Earlier this year, its commanders barred its subjects from wearing any clothing manufactured by American sports giant Nike.

Its products featured heavily on a flyer distributed in Raqqa, warning people of clothing they are not allowed to wear.

It came shortly after one fighter compared brandishing NIKE's 'swoosh' tick, seen on many ISIS militants' clothing, to wearing a Christian cross.

ISIS also banned private internet access in Raqqa this July in a crackdown of spies and activists revealing its atrocities to the world.

It meant everyone living in the stronghold was forced to use internet cafes operated and monitored by ISIS officials, said RBSS.

It not only affected anti ISIS activists, but also potential defectors trying to arrange for their safe departure out of territory held by the terror group.

By Jay Akbar

This article has been modified from the source material.

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